Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

In my week's theme of equipment failure, the Interweb was down most of the morning in entirety, and when it was up, my email and site have been behaving Badly.

Also, as I was stretching canvases, the electric stapler failed, beyond my meager abilities to bang it on things and wiggle around inside with a screwdriver attempting to fix it. So, I had to stretch canvases with the hand-powered stapler, and now my hands are screaming in pain and agony. If I ever stretch canvases again, I'm getting better tools.

But the client was wildly, wildly happy with the results and wrote a fat check, and the Internet is back, and I'm going to have a cold delicious Coke to wrap my blistered hands around, so that's all good.

(ETA: Also, our trip outside may be totally screwed up, since we had tickets on American into and out of Chicago...)

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