Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today has been made of frustrating...

It was a very, very frustrating morning, filled with software that doesn't do what I'm paying it (too much) to do, and lots and lots of wasted prints and time. I'd call it a dead loss, except that the husband came home for lunch and cheered me up and told me no one in the world works as hard as I do and it's heartbreaking when the world shoots me in the foot and gave me hugs and made things better.

That, and Ursula saw fit to churn out ALL four tea labels in the last two days and they are made of awesome. "By Friday!" I teased her on Saturday evening... it's not like she has anything else to do! I did add copious footnotes about how there was no rush, and as long as I had them sometime in May and stuff... really, I have documented proof of these disclaimers! But, not to be dictated to by mere footnotes, Ursula's got them all banged out by Monday morning. So that's a big bright spot in my day. :) You've set a precedent now, though, Ursula, and I'll expect those calendar plates bright and early tomorrow.

(Yes, redwombatteaco.com will eventually have some honest to gosh content.)

At work now, snarling at more new software, and letting this program know in no uncertain terms that I will not be taking any lip or attitude from it. You're trial software, buddy, and I'll kick you out the door in a heartbeat if you don't behave.

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