Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stories and Goodbyes....

I have been showering you folks in short stories so far this year, and this month is no exception.

You get new Torn World goodness in this issue of EMG-Zine: http://www.emg-zine.com - my story is 'Wrong Kind of Snow.'

I also get closure on my Resla storylines - the last one goes up today at http://kadanzer.org

I've been writing about Resla since 2001. Seven years. 43 short stories. More than 50 pieces of artwork.

Resla was a throw-away character. I did some commissions for a few members of the club, and to see my work in print, I had to join the club. To join the club, I had to have a character (back then - the rules have changed greatly!). So, I made up someone who sounded like she wouldn't get involved in any heavy storylines, and wouldn't require any upkeep. Someone boring. Someone comfortably in the background.

I hope I have a better file of this one somewhere, because this is very much who Resla is - she's domestic, salt-of-the-earth, and always ready to lend an ear. In the foreground is flightless Hope, stalking a wily bug.

I wrote very involved, very angsty stories for her, some of which I would do differently if I had them to do over. Largely the stories were short and punchy, but this was a longer one, peppered with illustrations like this:

and led to this:

and this:

She nearly Impresses, even at her advanced age, but not quite... because that would have been over the top even for me. Part of Resla's charm is that she wanted to be a dragonrider and missed her chance, but isn't bitter about it. (And besides, goldriders come with responsibilities.)

I even commissioned portraits of her:

Amy Clark

Danielle Williams

Lee Mynatt

Tiziano Baracchi

And these were gifts or prizes:

Stephanie Webber

Daya Knight

And Holly Hutchinson and I did a trade!

(I have a few other commissions outstanding for her, too, but some of them are old enough at this point I doubt I'll actually see them.)

Her stories have kept me inspired for years now, always working forward to 'what happens next...' but last year I finally decided that I needed to step back, re-prioritize, take a year off at least, and see where someone else took me for a while. The story coming out today ties everything up neatly - if not, perhaps the happy ever after folks thought might happen.

(Kadanzer, btw, is the most awesome Pern fanclub ever. Do consider joining if you'd like to read my stories and/or get involved. A lot of the writers and artists are better than I am!)

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