Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Doing taxes may have clarified a bit why I was feeling less optimistic after 2007 than I was mid-2006. I went through a years worth of supplier emails (by subject, at least, pinpointing reciepts) and GEEZ. Between Comixpress, Avalon, PCMall and various other delays and upsets that were out of my control, I spent more time writing nagging emails and holding on the phone trying to get what I'd already paid for than I did writing and drawing combined.

I'm not asking for the moon in terms of customer service. Screw ups are fine, provided you aknowledge them and move along and sort-of, kind-of do what you say you will. But I seem to have gotten clobbered with the bad service stick last year. Let's hope 2007 is better - and so far it is by leaps and bounds.

So far we're getting about $50 back, but I just remembered another ~$2000 in deductions that I forgot to add to the business expenses (paypal fees! and two clearbag orders.) and I'm trying to decide if it's going to be worth calculating all those bloody numbers again. *sighs* I already know the answer to that - I just don't WANT to.

Argh! Diva's being fussy, I gotta go hand-feed this print order...

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