Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Comments and Runes

You guys are thoughtful, intelligent and probably good-looking, too. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post about commenting. (And the other ones, too!)

Too often, I find myself not commenting or not replying because I get all worked up about what's etiquette, and will this other person feel slighted if I reply to that comment but not theirs, and does it look like I'm kissing butt to comment on that person and it's easy to give this person a flip answer because I know how they'll take it but maybe someone else won't know that and then I give up and wander away having already wasted all of my blogging time for a month doing nothing and then I feel bad because I don't get enough comment love but I know I don't deserve it because... well, you get the picture.

Screw that.

You guys said it well: I'll comment and/or reply as I feel I have something to add or reply, but please know that I DO still appreciate all the other comments and feel big warm squishies for the people who leave them.

In other news -

Taxes are eating my brains.

Lots of paperwork to wade through at work.

I got an awesome rune-reading, and you can get one, too, courtesy of newroticgirl: http://newroticgirl.livejournal.com/232373.html

That sun, again!

My query/direction: A general/directional reading would be fine, but I do have business thoughts specifically on the brain - where to goes and what to dos and how to balance it all and where my own creative work fits in.

Her reading:

The first rune I drew -- the overview -- was Sowelu, the Rune of the Sun. The sun is warmth, vitality, energy, wholeness. So I'd say you're off to a good start. There's something very exciting about having a whole lot of possibilities and potential.

The second rune -- the challenge -- is Jera, the Rune of the Harvest. More often than not, the challenge that comes with this rune is patience. The idea of Jera is the cycle of the seasons within a year. You plant your seeds, you tend your garden, you have your harvest, and then you rest. All of these things take time and hard work... but at the end of the year, you do have something to show for your efforts. You may not be able to solve everything Right Now. That doesn't mean it won't get solved eventually.

The third rune -- the new situation -- is Mannaz, the Rune of the Self. In the end, only you can balance everything and find time for all the important stuff. But we are all human. We all make mistakes. The way you do things today doesn't have to be the way you do them tomorrow. One thing I try to remember with this rune is that there are common qualities shared throughout humankind. You may be able to look at what someone else is doing and adapt their ways to your own successfully. You also may be able to ask for help on some things.

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