Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More musings

I'm considering that maybe I should practice a little more focus. Maybe I'm spreading myself too thin, trying to do the EMG store, printing services, writing, work and house-building. Way to state the obvious, Ellen.

So the question comes... what gives? At the moment, very clearly, the house-building has. We've made zero progress since we've moved in; a very common occurrence, I understand. But if we don't have water by the time Jennie comes up for the fair, I'm going to sink into the ground and die of embarrassment.

I'd say get rid of writing, since that's probably the least likely to be developed into a career, but writing's really the only thing I can sneak in at work.

Mostly, I want work to give. Hah! Stupid money.

I had more, but I'm all sleepy and unmotivated right now, plus I have a pile of work to sludge through. Bah. Stay tuned for Part 3.
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