Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today has been made of fail!

At least, at work.

I totally broke my DVD writer - wanged it with my knee while it was open and even though I thought I carefully reassembled it correctly, now it refuses to open. Cracked the computer case and wiggled everything I could, but it's an cased unit, and it's still refusing to open.

Additionally, mine is apparently the only writer in the whole office that will write to the only discs that we have. *le sigh*

Additionally, I forgot to include one of the discs I DID successfully make in a package before I sealed it, and now I find that there is no duct tape in the office. No shipping or strapping tape, either, but really, what kind of poser engineering office DOESN'T HAVE DUCT TAPE?!

Sadly, a search of my car turns up only electrical tape. Clearly I fail as an Alaskan.

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