Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ready for the Journey...

Yesterday I was beaten with an inexplicable sad stick, but today is already much brighter. I have all my clothing and necessities packed for Vegas - leaving gawdawful early tomorrow morning - and just need to pack up laptop (currently in use!), do a load of laundry for a last pair of pants, scoop out the cat box, finish these last orders, and pick which art supplies I take. Bought some used books (fluff - all of it is utter fluff), and WHY WHY WHY are so many fantasy books trilogies? I don't want trilogies. I want to be able to pick up a book off the shelf and just read it. Screw this 'book two of the whoeversong series' and 'the exciting conclusion of the suchandso cycle.' What happened to JUST novels? It's particularly frustrating when you shop used and they always seem to have the second book and NO OTHERS.

(No offense to my trilogy writing LJ friends, of course. I'll still read YOUR books.)

Ended up with a small collection of authors I'd never heard of, some Alaska-based romance by Nora Roberts and... a Star Trek; NG novel. I told you it was fluff. I wanted books I could read in the tub and didn't care if I dropped.

Also, is it me or is the low-low used price now what brand new books used to cost??? I'm getting so old.
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