Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I got tagged; 8 random things meme

So, I got tagged a looong while back, by at least three people...

1. I am afraid of the dark.

This was a bit of an impediment back when I had to use an outhouse outside in the dark in the winter, and is one reason I love Alaskan summers. It also explains why I own so many flashlights and headlamps.

2. I can mimic a raven almost perfectly.

It confuses them.

3. I never sacrifice sleep.

People seem to think I give up sleep to do as much as I do, but I'm a bear without 8 hours of sleep, so I make sure I get that.

4. I love to stipple.

Most people know this about me. Most people think I'm nuts for it, but it's really very relaxing and easy to do!

5. I have a degree in engineering.

Mechanical engineering, emphasis in aerospace, minor in art. I was mechanical team leader of the student rocket project. Yes, I really am a rocket scientist.

6. I quite fandoms at the end of last year.

Cold turkey. I miss them. But I went back to work and trying to keep up with all my business stuff, my day job AND my own creative pursuits was a losing battle.

7. I used to be three inches taller.

Compression fractures of the spine will do that to a person.

8. I speak moderately fluent Swiglish.

This is a mix of Swedish, English and Pig latin that my husband and I have developed.

I'd tag people, but this meme is so old I think everyone probably already has been tagged.

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