Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Project status report for March

Torn World: Issue 1 is scripted. Outlined through issue 12. Artwise, first issue is half-finished! Site is... lame and mostly broken, wiki is completely empty. Goals for March - none; I'm comfortably ahead, even have a story for April, and other things are priority.

TMaS: I have 10, possibly 12, finished. I wanted at least 16. One is nearly finished. One is barely rough sketched. Ideas for two more. Goals for March - finish remaining plates. Do one with a train for EMG-Zine May. (Get it laid out and to printers by mid-April.)

EMG-Zine: My staff rocks and deserves fruit baskets or something. Would like to finish article on Licensing for April, article on taking critique for May. Goals for March - FINISH ANTHOLOGY. Okay, fine, I will be happy with full article selection and getting all text into InDesign, with more layout polish in April.

EMG Giftshop: Plugs along. Submissions open April 1. Goals for March - tinker with submissions, specifically: fix the fact that they can see 'enable all' but not actually enable it. (Very confusing!) Allow a real enable all. Ideally, I'd also like to work on the customer-end goodies: wishlists, favorites, etc.

Portrait Adoption: Plugs along. Goals for March - none. Well, hopefully the new automated submitted description stuff will be ready for release, but that's largely out of my hands.

Fantastic Portfolios: Hmm! Needs an injection of life and a bit of a re-tool. Goals for March - create new tables and start tinkering with the resources in anticipation of new member-goodies.

Print Services: Have done a bunch. Goals for March - keep up with orders. Start groundwork for a more automated site.

EMG-Tarot: Stalled and on back burner.

Personal Site: Nothing is happening here... Goals for March - update it with something. Add livejournal feed?

For now - sleep.

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