Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I really, really wanted to have all the files done for the TMaS project before I left, but that's not going to happen; I'm just too slow. My new goal is April 1 - in part because art submissions are going to keep me smashingly busy and in part because I need that much lead time to get copies for my June shows if I don't want to pay for expedited service. I'm REALLY hoping this printing service works out - I should have my first samples this week, and the second book is in to them, too. So far, I like their customer service, but Avalon's was kickass at first, too, and Comixpress', so I'm not holding my breath. They do have more cover options, which is a big plus.

Inbox is beaten back to under 100.

Cold delicious Coke with my lunch, some agent-y busywork and some writing formating schtuff.

Oh! Those of you I was chatting with Friday, sorry to disappear. I forgot I was online, and Jake came home with varieties of spiced rum to sample. Oops.

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