Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Spiders, draft 6


~Radial shading. Total fluke, but I love it.
~Spiders. Creepy, but they work!
~Cracking ice. Wish I'd made it look deeper (shell of the world type thing), but it still totally works.
~Cracking planet. I had no faith in making this work, but I think I did!
~Overall Composition. Sometimes it all just comes together.


~Diamonds. I need remedial jewel-inking lessons. I have some references, but translating them to something I can ink has proven beyond me. As linework goes, it's okay, but adding hatching, it just all falls apart. I may erase it digitally and stick with basic linework and REALLY minimal hatching on just a few facets.


~Drew the moon lumpy! Hate hate hate lumpy moons! But saved it digitally by deleting the upper rim so it fades to white, which was even better than it would have been.

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