Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

In the 'slog' stage

I am in the slog stage. That horrible, tedious point of a piece where I'm questioning the need to space every single damn teeny little scratch of the pen so perfectly apart and the temptation to get sloppy is extreme. Enough has been inked in that I can't really brainstorm new ideas, so it doesn't feel very creative anymore. I'm sure that I'll never get that detail to look quite right anyway, and what was I thinking tackling something with transparency and WHY SPIDERS. I hate spiders...

You may note that I'm not using dots. (Yet - I may on the moons...) I didn't use any in the Roses piece, either. I'm trying to be disciplined, make myself use other techniques, try things that I haven't before. It's hard! Let's go shopping!

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