Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

One down, another started!

No rest for the wicked fingers!

That STUPID compass! This piece isn't quite as effective mirrored, because it ought to read generally left to right, and it doesn't work as *well* from right to left. Poo.

And, I've started the next one; this time based on a poem from ysabetwordsmith.

I liked the idea of spider creatures (waaaay outside of my comfort-zone), and the challenge of doing ice and diamonds. It is ironic that I draw a LOT more fantasy than science fiction, yet I read and watch a LOT more science fiction than fantasy. So, it felt good to do something a bit sci-fi in flavor.

Both of these are for my Tell Me a Story project, and I will need to do at least one more, even though I think I can also use the Roses piece, because I went back through and didn't have quite as much work as I wanted for this sucker...

I haven't decided on another from the Story call... you may still post one, if you are inspired! There are several teasing with ideas, but nothing lightning-bolt yet.

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