Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

End of the month reminders!

Saturday is the last day to get 'unicorn' themed work in for the April issue of EMG-Zine. (Suppose I'd better scrape together a submission, too, eh? A story is in, but I should throw in some art.)

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase advertising for the March issue - earlier is better! $5.00 for 1 month. It's a small rotation, good chances of being seen and a super low investment! Note that your banner STAYS in the rotation for that month in the archives. If someone is browsing back through older articles (and they do!), they will see your banner on articles published that month.

Tomorrow is also the last day to get $5 off the EMG-Zine Anthology. Also, youth t-shirts are going to be discontinued - I've only sold one in several months, so I'm just not going to stock them. I plan to use the limited stock I've got as supply for the fair and will take them offline on Saturday.

In Even More Boring news, I'm almost done with my list for the month! One more day to finish it, and I might make it! (I was pretty sure it was an impossible one...) The first coloring book proof supposedly ships tomorrow! I've got five orders to get out tomorrow, and I still have to write my EMG-Zine news column-thingy, but I finished a long, long, long overdue logo today and got approval on it, have finished all the crazy-making art, written three stories (to be fair, one of them was mostly written and only needed to be clipped out of something longer and polished), and I am theeeees close to finishing Issue 1 of Torn World. Whee! The one thing I don't think I'll get done is the EMG-Zine Anthology, which I haven't worked on, erm, at all... so that will be next month's major project.

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