Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday off...

There's still plenty of time to post your inspiration to the Tell Me a Story post - I won't get sketch time until later tonight, and it could be this weekend before I settle on a draft. Several now have been muse-food, but nothing concrete yet...

Dance class is using muscles I didn't know I had. I'm loving it, and suspect it's VERY good for me in general, even if I am a bit sore the morning after.

I need a name for this kids coloring book! I have finally, finally gone through all the submissions and put together something coherent. Next time, I think I need a more concrete theme. I'm a permission away from the cover, and then I can upload this and order copies. (Trying a new printing company this time... again.) Maybe... Small Magic? Little Magic? Small Enchantments? Hmm.

Have pressed several dozen totes today - my stock finally came in. Have some more order bits to print, but feel good about the chunk that has already been done. Should be all caught up tomorrow. I have today and tomorrow off of the day job, but have to work full days Monday and Tuesday. It'll be worth it!

Also got the database updated with Heaven and Earth designs - you will find that now all EMG designs that are also available on their cross-stitch link directly to their designs on the HAED page. :) I think that's a good bit of cross-advertising. If you can think of other similar potential partners, let me know - they have to treat their artists WELL, have a similar theme, and a complimentary product. If they carry enough of the same designs, I can also add another field to the database and do as I've done with the cross stitch.

Just need to format an article to send on for re-printing, and figure out a color cover for putting on Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses so I can get that back in print, too... and I'll have crossed off more for the day than I hoped. OH! And finish the ComicCon refunds. I knew there was something I didn't get written down. *scampers off...*

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