Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I need another story!

I don't think I'm going to finish the Roses before I go to print - and I'm not sure how well they'll shrink down for the book, either - so I need another story to do for the Tell Me a Story Project. Maybe two. I have my own stories, but I want some variety.

So, tell me a story!

The details:

~Comments are screened. Post your story, poem, summary or series of prompts here. I'll pick my favorite or most inspiring. It doesn't have to be a coherent, polished story - if you've had an idea for a story but never had time to really write it out, just describe a character or two, and give me an example of the setting, or tell me a few scenes that stand out. Be as wordy or brief as you like. A quote from your work or description, properly credited as you wish, may be printed in the "Tell Me a Story" publication. The picture definitely will be (provided I don't screw it up and throw it away in disgust...).

~From the story prompt, I will build a story picture, like Bearskin, Owl's Gift, the untitled one, or Destinies.

~I will let you comment at the sketch stage and request changes.

~You will get a discount on purchasing a copy of "Tell Me a Story". Just one, though - this is a limited edition of 100.

~You will not receive the original, and I may resell it, though you will get the first option to buy it.

~You may publish the picture with your story or description, provided I am properly credited and a link to my website included wherever possible. All other rights are mine.

~I promise not to share what is posted here, whether I use it or not, without discussing with you what will be printed.

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