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A *whole* art day

I had so much fun yesterday. All I did was draw. And draw, and draw, and DRAW. And I *liked* what I drew. I'll hopefully have time to scan this evening, but I finished one half-sketched portrait for the Project, scribbled an entry to art_challenge #5, really busted ass on art_challenge #6 (very weird, still too organic, but I like it anyway), did a complete second portrait for the Project, and wore a few prismacolors down to nubs finishing a really rich, strange landscape with a twisty tree and very strong lightsource that I started last week. And I finished the foreground of the Unicorn Key picture in ink. I feel... sated. Mrrr...

Today, I have to work and play hard; got a print order to spit out, and some emails to answer, a load of laundry to do, gaming at 2 and a shower to take. Tomorrow begins three weeks of a horrid, horrid work schedule, in which I will be working gruesome overtime in order to take 8 days off of work to go to Costa Rico and New Orleans. Yeah! And Jake and I agreed that every drop of overtime wages can go to my new tablet. YEAH! I am NEVER going salary. Suckers.

After 10, time to run to the parent's house and work my rear until gaming. Must resist temptation to crawl back into bed with warm husband...
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