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Weekend ramble

Got a lot done this weekend, though there is little to actually show. Long post, so I'll spare you the download. :)

I selected all of the new work for the 2001-2002 catalog, which was this year a monstrous task. I just didn't get enough work to put together three separate coloring books of dragons, fairies and fantasy horses, so I'm combining all three subjects into one, aptly named Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses. I'll also have the Mythological Creatures solely by Vanessa Knight, so at least there will be two new coloring books. I still need to fill out all the contracts, and write the reject letters for the rest of the work I got. That's the painful part. I hate writing rejection letters more than any other part of running my business. I feel like such a schmuck telling someone I can't use any of their work.

Our driveway is almost finished! All the trees are down and cut up (and I have a muscle in my left arm for once, from using the chainsaw!), most of the stumps are up, much of the leveling is done. We may get a load of tailings tonight to finish it up. It's so exciting to stand at the top of the driveway and look down... the trees are enormous, and it's an amazing feeling to look down and realize that it's ours!

The landlady and her hubby were over last night to replace the faucet and fix the monitor. The new faucet doesn't leak, but Dave couldn't fix the monitor and now it smells like a gas station in our house. It really bothered Jake last night and this morning, but I have a pretty poor sniffer and didn't really notice it until I went outside and came back in. Tonight we'll be firing up the woodstove, since the monitor isn't hooked up, and football's back on, so Jake will be glued to the TV. Maybe I can get the contracts finished tonight. Hmmm...

I doodled while watching my Sunday Sci Fi fix (Earth: Final Conflict, StarGate, Andromeda and Futurama). Came up with a drawing I really like, and one that I sort of like. Strangely, though I prefer sci fi television to fantasy, I prefer to draw fantasy, almost exclusively. Maybe it's because they don't have any *serious* fantasy programs. The only ones I can think of are that cheesy Power-Rangers-esque show about Tir Na Nog I watched once, Hercules, Xena, and Beast Master (which the reception sucks on, so I've only seen once or twice).

Jake and I harvested Mom and Dad's garden on Saturday night because there was supposed to be a frost (and judging by the color of the trees, there was). We got almost nothing in terms of pea, a couple of meals of beans, several servings of beets, three bags of carrots, three bags of rubarb (though there was more if we'd wanted it), and a 3 gallon bucket of potatoes. There are at least as many potatoes left, but they will survive a hard frost, so we left them for later. We have a garden plot at DOT with even more potatoes, so we won't be running out of spuds this winter! (Unless they go bad, but we'll take steps to prevent that.)

I have a pile of emails to write. And I've got to thank Thomas for putting the T-shirt link on Elfwood; I was really starting to think that undertaking that fundraiser was a serious mistake, but I've sold 5 T-shirts and a mousepad in the last week (which is a significant improvement on previous sales), so I think it really was a matter of getting the word out.

It's definitely fall. The trees are going gold, and there are enough leaves now to crunch underfoot. I love cold, clear falls like this, all blue and yellow and the unchangeable green of the spruces. It was an amazing year for mushrooms and cranberries. On our new land, particularly, the trees that fall looks bloodstained from the crushed cranberries. The smell, even with my insensitive nose, is incredible; green and alive and sweet.

That's my ramble for the day...

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