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The Amazing history of Ellen's Art: 2005

When last we left our intrepid journey through the art timeline of Ellen, we were at the tailend of 2004. I'd given notice at my day job, and was buoyantly sallying forth to a shining career as a world famous illustrator. Or fantasy artist product enabler. Or something. What really happened at the start of 2005 was that I started to catch up on everything I said I'd do but never had time to while juggling drafting and business and everything else. It took me eight months to cross everything off of the old to do list. It was not a spectacular successful time: just as I dumped money into an advertising program, my webpage crashed and was out of service for SEVEN months, partly due to spammers - to be followed promptly by the Portrait Adoption site going down for six months while I waited on other people to fix and redo it. The printservice I found to do the books I want to publish ran out on me without warning and left me dangling for months. Jake's dad died. I went to Dragon*Con - and sold nothing in the art show. The $1800 printer I bought had to be replaced within 2 weeks. It was not an auspicious beginning to my fresh freelance career... but I did do a lot of art! (That may be the best thing to be said for 2005...)

This was a submission for a flyer contest for a thing not called Faerywoods - I had to edit the text after I'd inked... I didn't win!

Ah Atlantis... This was done, first in ink, and then, boldly, in color, for the Enchanted Artists art show, which was a lot of fun. I even made a book for the project, which was one of those projects where later I would say 'I learned a lot' because I'm a positive person.

This was a commissioned logo for... you guessed it!... Deep Woods Band.

In March, I finished the Rushwater Holt tarot project - just in time for the closure of the club (because my timing this whole year was just awesome like that!):

This was one of my cards for the project.

This was a piece I painted for a submitted description through Portrait Adoption - and the client loved it and promised to buy it. But never did.

This was also done for a PA description, and not bought by the client, but another dear soul saw in and loved it and bought the original from me.

This is actually a work in progress - I was starting to morph out into digital work a bit more, and work in color in general this year. I really rather like this one. Sundima, character of the lovely Akiyenka.

In actuality, this is the 2006 version of this piece - the original had brown eyes and a gold dragon, but I re-colored it to this when it was adopted. More color!

I cry that I didn't scan the inkwork of this piece - I liked it so much! But I was in a big stinking hurry to finish this for the Fairy Court calendar, so I started slapping down paint as soon as I could!

I was still in Kadanzer then, too - and still drawing and writing about Resla whenever I could. She's progressed! Got herself knocked up and ditched D'zan and everything...

The fallout from the Atlantis book hadn't really happened yet, so there was another art show planned, this time with an Arthurian theme.

This was another commission, for Akiyenka!

Also a commission, this is Zenfinda.

And goodbye to 2005 with no regrets!

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