Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Why eBay and I aren't a good match.

I went through my personal site a little bit yesterday. I haven't sold any prints or many originals through it, and if I were a normal kind of person, I might have a sale or mark things down, figuring they were too expensive. Me, being me, I looked at my prices and said 'I'd be sad if they sold to a stranger for that,' and went through and marked almost everything up. Some of it by a lot. Screw this whole 'art must be cheap or they will not buy it' mentality. I would rather sit on my originals until I DIE than sell them for the pathetic low eBay minimums that make artists cry, or pretend that I didn't spend hours and HOURS of valuable time on those pieces.

If I don't show that I value that time and those pieces, no one else will think to do so, either.

I buy the same way I sell, too. If an artist I know is having a 'desperation sale,' I will sometimes buy art - but I rarely, rarely buy it at the desperation prices. Almost never. I don't buy much, but I try to make sure I buy fairly.

(I appreciate that much of this may be colored by the fact that I have a good-paying, steady job, and I am not at all at the point where I am selling things that are precious to me at whatever I can get because I need to pay rent*.)

Plugging away at my licensing article, and I also found a half-written, not-awful article on doing bazaars that is further along that I thought. Selina totally saved the day by finishing an article on growing pains, and I've got time this weekend slotted to finish a brewing short story for the crystal theme of EMG.

(You've all got your unicorns in for EMG-Zine, right??)

Now then, an advertising banner, a shower, some dishes, some lunch, and to ze day job!

*I also TOTALLY appreciate giving friends deals, so if I've marked something you had an eye on up out of your range, holler and I will give you guys, and you guys only, the original price or better. I also do trades. Hint, hint.
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