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uneide asked: Which piece of art have you gaped over and thought you'd sell a body part to have created? Or has it ever happened?

Better to ask, how many times has it happened? There are some Waterhouse pieces I'd sell my soul to be able to do. There's an Impressionistic piece of a girl wearing white in a hammock in a green wooded area that I would give up all my toes for. Rackman. I would give up my left arm to be able to do some of the pieces he's done. And anything by Manuel Nunez. I own one of the small The Good Fight prints with the gold leaf, and nearly everyday I look at it and wish there was a talent market that would take my body parts. That picture on the webpage doesn't do it justice.

queststar asked: If you could step into a famous person's shoes, who'd you want to be, then, and why?

Can they be dead? Einstein. He was brilliant, and happy, and he had really wacky ideas and he could play the violin and nobody cared if he brushed his hair or not. I've got a book called Einstein's Dreams that were dreams and theories that he came up with while researching relativity, and they are all so deliciously feasible and interesting and thought-provoking.

Any more questions? You can ask more than one. :)

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