Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Worked on a logo commission for Matt and Nicki last night until a migraine sent me reeling for bed. Miserable night.

Now, tired, headache-y, trying to psyche myself into an evening of work because that's what I've *got* to do. Have to email a bunch of people, finish those gawdamn contracts, get a pile of orders out, check and see if I've sold out of more colors/sizes of the Elfwood T-shirts (they're going faaast, people. Someone must have been plugging - not that I mind, quite the opposite!!). Have interesting new prospects from some respected artists that I'm dying to rope into EMG, and am scrambling to decide if we can take a two week vacation at the end of this month. *gulp* Still need to add Ursula's and Alethea's designs. And rewrite Marilyn's contracts. And add things to the database. And update email list. And... and... *gets dizzy*

And I have four new colored pencils I'm *dying* to use. A colorless blender... *Ellen looks longingly at clock. Remembers pile of business Ellen must do instead of playing with colorless blender and pouts*

I need a new personal gallery. My current one... well... sucks. It's old, stale work, badly laid out, and has a bunch of links I either want to kill or are already dead. Bad, bad form. It's on the list of things to do in my spare time. *dies laughing* Yeah. Right up there with knitting a sweater and finishing the plumbing.

I feel almost hysterical. Is this what 'doomed' feels like?

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