Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Some random (free) recommendations for coders and webmasters

For forum maintainers who use phpbb: User Shield


This is the software I use to keep spammers out of the EMG and FP forums. You do have to set new accounts to administrative approval only, but you get the tools to mass-delete, and unapproved users are hidden from public view, so if someone comes strolling along they don't see freexxxviagra as the most recent member. Also, the spammers don't ever get their links publicized before you can delete them, so they get NO reward from having their account there. (IE: if a robot comes whizzing through your site 'clicking' on every link, a spammer doesn't get a false hope click like they would if they were public before they got deleted.) The only caution is to make sure that you don't accidentally delete any user that has already posted without deleting those posts, and to be aware that if a real user changes their address, they will show up in the inactive list and must be re-approved!

Fabulous mod. Works with the attachment mod I also use at my forums for showing of art and sharing files. (Attachment mod must be installed first and doesn't work with skins other than the default SubSilver, but is otherwise totally gold.)


For coding stuff: Crimson Editor.

This isn't a point and click like dreamweaver or frontpage; this is a text-based editor with a few extras. Features I love and use:

~You can open multiple files and search and replace through all of them. GREAT for switch-overs between sites when you need to change adoption.ellenmilliongraphics.com to portraitadoption.com on seventeen pages, etc.
~Files with .php extensions have smart coloring... it tracks where <>s and {}s other formatting tags connect together. It follows where your ""s and ''s are and changes the coloring depending on what a string of text is doing. Commands are in one color. Text that will show online is another color. It becomes SO obvious when you haven't closed your quotes. (Apparently it does this with other coding languages, too - I mostly use php.)
~Doesn't add crap. Unlike Word or Wordpad, it doesn't feel obligated to add a bunch of hidden formatting nonsense that will break code.



38 below in town today. Jake's truck is running poorly, so we took it to my sister's to thaw out in her garage for a few hours. Hopefully that will fix things!

I've signed up for a show this weekend, but I'm seriously considering not going. It's 2-10 on Saturday, a Winter Folk Fest. But at 30 below, I don't know how many people will show up, or how into spending money they will be...

Worked further on my next Tell me a Story piece - liking it enormously so far! (This one's just for me. :P)

Only 3 episodes of StarGate left to watch! Part of me wants to hoard them; the rest wants to watch them all right now instead of being at work. Which, I should be doing now. Ta ta!

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