Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Damn it! My day job gave me a dollar an hour raise this month. Why do they have to be all cool and generous and pay me well and treat me right and stuff? I may actually feel justly compensated for my time and content with working for the Man. Horrors.

It's only a little sidettrip on my conquest of the world, don't worry. Pay off the mortgage, then take over Earth.

Should fill orders tonight, since I'll be out all of tomorrow, but it's late and I'm lazy. I got a lot out today. And I dropped off a job and picked up a painting to scan. And I got a dollar an hour raise! How sweet is that?

Recent electronic entertainment:

*Howl's Moving Castle: very cute. Love the steam-victorian combo and the spunky heroine.
*StarGate Atlantis, Season 2: Up to disc 3 now and still very entertained.
*Band of Brothers: Matt and Jake are watching all 10 episodes, and I'm lingering on the fringes - I'll probably miss an episode here or there, but that's okay because there's only so much gruesome, emotional war movie drama I'm interested in watching. Good stuff, but not really my genre.
*Aeon Flux: Entertaining. Kind of fun, even, with interesting plot twists.
*Transformers: Awesome! In an eleven-year-old-boys-will-DIG-this kind of way.


*A Little Princess. One of my favorites as a child and about the reading level that my leftover brain can handle at the end of a day.


*A crystal-themed story set in Torn World for EMG-Zine March. (YES, I asked for an extension!)
*Scripts for Torn World.
*Articles for EMG-Zine: co-writing one on efficiency techniques with Selina Fenech (I TOTALLY forgot about this Selina, I'm so sorry!), one on thick skin and ways to cultivate it, one on licensing and traps to avoid, contract terms to look for, and ways to be *happy* with it.
*A Serenity fanfic for gaming.


*Fixing EMG-Zine bug.
*Figuring out how to add ACEO cards to a database for easier management and updates.
*Desperately need to update EMG giftshop pages.
*Thinking and thinking about EMG submissions and print services. Come on brain, whatsamatter, haven't you got this figured out yet?

Not worth paying money for: feedburner advertising. Won't do that again.

Dessert and bed now...

PS: Oh yeah! I have an illustration in this month's Space and Time magazine! Woot! It took 'em a while, but they took my paypal details today for actually paying, and my two comp copies came at the post office today.

PPS: On the topic of the post office, I STILL have not received my replacement cellphone part, and STILL have not received the keychain parts that I ordered in December. Rargh.

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