Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My icon today is to remind me, because it's sure FEELING like not enough time right now.

Staring at an order trying to decide why it feels like I've already filled this one. Did I forget to include the invoice? I'd swear I made and shipped this...

FP's giving me fits. PA remains my golden child. The giftshop is making me say hmmm, and I've got to get working on getting submissions open again, I think. EMG-Zine fills me with love (April's theme is unicorns! I know you guys have those!). Print services are keeping me hopping despite closing down for new people. Email is behind. Desperately behind. I have NOT at all caught up on replying to things that came in while I was closed.

Hmm. No shipping label for this order, must not have filled it! ARGH!

Work early today, by an hour, have to deliver a painting first, which makes it even earlier. Work all day tomorrow, but do get Friday off.

25 below up here today, about 40 below in town. Keeping the woodstove fired up on high, and doing a few loads of hot laundry to inject heat into the septic system. (And also, 'cause laundry needed doing...)

Had more to tell, but out of blogging time!

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