Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Totally random thoughts

*Velcro-cat thinks that failure to pay complete attention to her is an invitation to eat boxes and chew on crinkly plastic.

*FP will have been 'open' for five months - ought to do a little informal survey to see how it's working. Have some thoughts to distill for folks who aren't passing...

*ACK! It's the last day of the month! A billion and three EMG-Zine things left to do... thank god for my helper monkeys. *blows kisses*

*Blogging only works as a promotional tool if people actually like (or at least respect) who they're reading about.

*Second-guessing every single thing I do or write or say will drive me batty. Quit it, brain.

*More GLEE on the topic of NSSPN1.

*Back to work with me!
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