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I am so sick of feeling sick. I must be feeling better, though, because my guilt gland is in full production. Remember those antibiotics I was taking? Big mistake. I got something called antibiotic-induced colitis. The bad kind. The kind that involves waaaay too many trips to the outhouse, gripping pains, and blood-loss. Don’t think about it too hard; it may gross you out.

On other fronts, I finally finished inking Yasha’s picture. I’ll have to switch the hookup on my printer units and scan it in after I finish printing this last mousepad.

Other than that… well, I’ve watched a lot of movies. And read the entire Tundra Treasury. And not crossed anything off my list of things to do. (Except Yasha’s picture.) And naturally, now I have to make up time at work. See, there goes that guilt gland again!

*beats guilt gland to a bloody pulp and cackles hysterically before collapsing back into an exhausted heap*

Okay, scanned Yasha’s picture: find it here. I’ll post in on Elfwood too. Eventually.

Creative juices gone. I’m getting ready to take my fractious cat to the vet. He’s got a strange swelling lump on his hip and he needs his shots.

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