Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

7 inches


I've been whining and whining about how we need more snow, how unfair it is that the lower 48 is getting more snow than us, that GEORGIA is getting snow and we aren't... and someone was listening. This morning we woke up to seven glorious white inches of snow. I'm so happy. I'll take pictures for Becca when the sun comes up in a few hours. I have to call and cancel coming in to work and taking my nephew to flute lessons because our driveway is completely impassable for my little Subaru. Jake will have to run the snowblower tonight. (Under normal circumstances, I could run the snowblower, but as iffy as my back has been this week, I'm not going to push it.)

Yay for seven inches!

(Also, I have regrets over my last post and hope it didn't come across as too sanctimonious or pretentious... I should be clear that it's a benchmark I strive for, but it's HARD, and I don't always make it...)

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