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A little bit left to do on artists pay: coloring books, add the anthology (already broken down by contributor, but not added to anyone's totals yet), and Dragon*Con. Still need to try to install my laser printer so I can do some invoices so I can fill a few orders (so much for being closed...), and deliver some receipts and a matted print across town. New scanner is ordered (the one I REALLY wanted was $1700, which I couldn't quite do, so I went for about a 10th of that and got a good quality letter-sized scanner instead of the large format...). Several business-y emails sent, including a gripe to the folks who supply my keychain supplies, because my order came with all the parts I need to make keychains... expect that actual chain and split ring! Doh!

Cleaned my studio yesterday, which took most of the day because bajeebuz, I'd let it get away from me. Much improvement in workspace now. Have a mostly-working Epson 1280 to give away, a keyboard, and a broken scanner, which freed up a lot of space. Emptied and consolidated many boxes.

Work this afternoon, possibly wiring in some outlets at Rebecca's, a field visit to Nenana tomorrow, and it's about 30 below at our house.

ETA: Oh yes! And I've made art progress: http://www.fantasticportfolios.com/salon/viewtopic.php?t=167

Update: Artist pay all calculated and finalized (many headaches later!)... but the software is misbehaving, so I can't actually ENTER it for my poor artists. ARG. Support ticket in to my webmaster to get it fixed asap.

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