Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Safely in Anchorage, navigating slushy streets in rental car.

Wireless in hotel, but haven't had time to do any 'work' because I've been busy shopping for books and art supplies, using the workout equipment and taking a long hot bath. Yeah! Did get a few emails answered and a lot of spam deleted. Need to remind myself that it doesn't really COUNT as a vacation if I keep saying yes to special orders like a sucker...

Cell phone had a bad SIM card, they are replacing it via mail and I strongly recommended that they compensate me some free airtime for my trouble. We'll see.

LJ Idol theme this week is 'My scars' and I'm lacking a) a fresh take and b) writing time. May have to take a bye, but hate to use my last one.
Tags: dayjob, travel
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