Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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Escrow/agent services

This is another of those perennial ideas I come back to - not because I need another project greatly, but because I already DO a bunch of this, and if I'm going to be spending all that time organizing these projects for folks because I'm a sucker, I may as well do it right and make it worth my while.

I get all kinds of weird requests and I don't generally like to bug my artists and ask them if they want extra work unless I know them fairly personally, but I will make those connections if I know you're looking for 'em, too.

I am offering, in addition to just random connections that fall in my lap, an escrow holding service. They pay for their art up front. I pay you when the job is done. They get the safety of knowing they WILL get art ('cause I'll go hire someone else if you don't deliver and cross you off my list) and you get the safety of knowing you WILL get paid. I will charge 10% for this service, to cover my fees and time, to begin with.

If you're interested, comment here in the short term - I'll screen 'em. I'll be adding some options to the lilypad to track specific variables so that I can easily search things later. Let me know if you have a work cap (you just want one or two pieces, not 40, or only black and white). Chances are good I'm familiar with your style, but let me know if you have any shoot-for-the-moon requests ("I want to do a Disney-cartoon-style-horror RPG with lots of splatter!" or "I want to do cheesy romantic black and white Elmore-esque illustrations.").

Questions welcome.


In other news, I was working on artists pay yesterday.

Jake: Are you WORKING? What happened to vacation??

Me: yes... Well, my artists want their money. I felt guilty!

Jake: You can't work on vacation! It's VACATION! You have to take time off! Here, wire this electrical outlet.

So I did, and we now have power in the bathroom, next to the monitor and in the wall by the stairs. Yay! Plus, there's a switch wired in for the light that isn't over the mirror that isn't hung in the bathroom yet.
Tags: agency, business, house building

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