Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The darkest day of the year

I saw the sun today.

High noon, and it was clinging to the horizon and stabbing me in the eyes through thin clouds and ice fog; not quite sunrise, not quite sunset and all the colors of a girly mixed drink. The weather said 3 hours and somesuch of 'daylight' today. I wonder how they count that, because an hour on either side of noon was twilight and sunless blue, from where I was.

I'm so grateful it gets better from here.

Our Christmas tree is dying. I'm so disappointed! I've never had a tree start to bite it before Christmas like this. It hasn't lost too many needles yet, it's only getting brittle, so it will probably stay up until Christmas, but still is very sad. I've tried adding cut flower food to the water in the base, and spraying it with water. Hopefully that will help it hold on. It was such a pretty tree this year - the largest and prettiest we've ever had.

I'm wearing ornaments off of it. I wanted festive earrings to wear to the DA Christmas party last weekend, and couldn't find anything seasonal in my collection. I went downstairs and looked at the tree, and said 'ah-hah!' because the littlest silver balls would make perfect earrings. I had some ear hooks for other projects, and two seconds with a pair of pliers resulted in wonderful silver ball earrings. Lots of people have complimented me on them, and they always seem astounded when I laugh and say I just pulled them off the tree.

I broke one, on Sunday. Dropped it on the floor and it shattered into a billion little shards. Almost musical.

I did what everyone else in town was doing after work today: went shopping for a long weekend.

Dear god.

It's amazing I came home with all my hair still rooted. We were going to make beer baked chicken tonight, but the beer I got was too tall. Also, I forgot to get a chicken. (In my defense, it didn't get written on the list; and by the middle of my shopping trip, I was clutching my list for dear life and wrestling an overloaded cart through crowded aisles with wild, crazed eyes. It's amazing I didn't forget where I parked the car.)

We're having a Mexican Christmas this year, instead of ham or turkey. I think that will be fun and delicious! The Christmas we spent in Grenada made a big impression on us, and we've got a disc of non-seasonal steel drums music that we play instead of Christmas carols to be festive.

I think I have finally recovered enough from my shopping to stop rambling and go finish all the things that need finished before I'm REALLY on vacation. Or have an alcoholic drink. Hmm. That sounds even better.

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