Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Faceplant city!

It's the 20th! I close EMG today for FOUR weeks, and have one more day of day-job work before two whole weeks off of that, too. So unmotivated. Have two minor orders to get out tomorrow, and am desperately hoping no more come in because I. Want. To. Be. Done.

Very, horribly unmotivated at work today. Wretchedly so. Have accomplished zilch. Not enough energy to feel guilty.

It's almost -40 here today - in town at least. I live up in the hills a little ways, so it's probably only -25 at home. Maybe -30. We have a weather-logger, so I'll check and see what our low has been over the last few days.

Saw a fox on the way in to work yesterday and wished I'd brought my camera in with me.

Can I go HOME yet?

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