Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I feel like a zombie!

I need braaaaaains.

But, I am at least entirely, completely, utterly caught up on orders. Done, done, DONE. Though, I asked at the post office and they said I could mail priority until Monday and still have it reach the lower 48 by Christmas, so there's more time than I thought for folks to continue placing orders. (And did I mention that grab bags were back? And purses and handbags back in stock?) :)

Inbox is down to 43 emails.

Gaming tonight - Ryan's last in-person session! *weeps*

Tomorrow, I'll be driving with Jen down to Nenana to do some as-builting, which should be fun. She's also an artist (cool work, more abstract and arty than mine by far), so we'll probably have plenty to talk about on the drive.

My credit card got declined at the grocery store last night! Thousands of dollars in good credit, and ding! No groceries for you! There was a fraud alert on it, because of a teensy charge ($0.81) from AT&T to call Jake's cell in Anchorage, followed by a hefty on-line charge for Jake's Christmas present, and the purchase of our Christmas tree at an 'uncommon merchant.' They were very nice about fixing it when I called this morning, and I guess I can't fault them for being careful.

Ordered from Dick Blick - was completely out of bristol smooth and ended up buying some here in town to fill the order instead of waiting on my order. Twice as expensive, even without paying shipping, but the orders needed to go out, and I don't think I actually LOST money on it. Desperately need to order from clearbags, too.

Blah blah blah... Desperately tempted by the idea of an ice cold Coke...

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