Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'b still stubbed ub.

I would very much like control of my sinuses again sometime soon, please. I hate the floaty feeling when I'm trying to work and how awful I sound on the phone and how difficult it is to hear what they're saying (quite mumbling, O clients!).

Came into work early to meet the Tok office manager, who is Very Nice! Out of work now, and eating lunch from a can with pretzels and fruit in a cup.

It snowed! About two inches to brush off the car this morning, and it's about darn time. More snow, please!

Also, I've got purses and handbags back in stock.

I'm started to feel a bit fired up about things again, being sick aside. I've (hopefully) started lighting some fires under some butts to get a few languishing projects moving forward again, and may have exciting Portrait Adoption improvements to announce next week. *grins* I've finally, FINALLY designed an awesome little certificate to tuck in with prints that will have some info about the prints, artist and title - just in time to include with a wholesale order that went out this morning. (Don't ask how many copies I printed with STUPID typos in "craftsmanship"... And not one typo, but two - in a row!) And, we're starting to talk about how EMG can offer LE prints in the future at the forums. Other projects on the horizon - finalizing the kids coloring book, and possibly doing some paperdolls. In addition, I've got access to some screenprinting goodness, and will be offering at least two limited opportunity t-shirts come January.

Need to order from Dickblick and clearbags pretty soon-like, methinks.

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