Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I feel good!

Actually, 'good' may be a slight exaggeration, but 'not bad' is such a wild improvement over the last two days that it works for the occasion.

Stacks of orders out. More printed and laid out to be packed and sent tomorrow. Feel like a dolt because I ordered ink without checking my inventory (absolutely Dead Sure I was entirely out and in a flat panic...), and it turns out I have a full replacement already in stock. DOH! I guess it's good that I go through ink fast enough that it won't go bad, and that the money buffer is good enough that it doesn't hurt other business-like plans. I was planning ahead. Way ahead. Yeah.

Inbox is down to about 70. Wow!

EMG-Zine is pretty close to being ready for tomorrow, and the new staff members are working out nicely! Still need to get ads up for those folks who bought advertising. There's still space left!

So, it may be dangerous, but I'm actually feeling on top of things for the first time in about 6 weeks...

*waits for the other shoe to drop...*

ETA: Inbox down to **50!!**

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