Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Some last minute reminders for EMG-Zine

Sorry guys, I'm so behind on reminding about this! Our theme for January is 'dawn,' and this is going to be an awfully exciting issue, so believe me when I say you want to be a part of it! :) We're looking for fiction and artwork, and it's due tomorrow by midnight, so get it in asap. Remember that if you've got art in progress that would fit, you can ask for an extension of a week or two by emailing art director Annie at artdirector@emg-zine.com If you need an extension for a story, email Jennifer at editor@emg-zine.com

(Neither of them bite!)

Submission info is here: http://www.emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

And TODAY is the deadline for getting into the advertising rotation for December!

Advertising details:

EMG-Zine is testing paid advertising for the next several months. They will be random banners at the bottom of every page, 400 x 100 pixels. They will be available only to artists, artisans, writers, etc. of fantasy and science fiction - no insurance, no loans, no animations and no affiliate stuff. All ads must be approved.

For $5 (yes, just $5!), you can have your banner in the rotation for one month. You may apply EMG credit to this. (Log into the lilypad to apply your credit to the shopping cart.)

This is a great time to snag up a few last minute Christmas shoppers - these ads will begin December 1.

It is first come, first served - I won't put more than 40 banners in the rotation, so that you get a good chance of being seen.

Click here to purchase.

You do not need to be an EMG artist or have a contract on file to advertise with me. You may also advertise things that are not art (like handmade soap, jewelry or the like). Please email me a 400 x 100 pixel banner after you've paid and tell me where to point it.

Alright, I'm done. Go back to your regular LJ entertainment!

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