Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Someone shoot me...

I've got a miserable headache - I've been fighting it since yesterday morning, and it totally killed my evening and all my yesterday goals. It's definitely a migraine, and I've taken so much medication for it at this point that my stomach is complaining. (I hate medication - it's my last defense.) Worse, I got up this morning and went to finish filling orders (which only partly happened...) and discovered that I'd done something to my back yesterday. I tried bending over to stretch and almost couldn't get back up. Took the drugs because not doing the work wasn't an option. Made the additional mistake of having a second cup of coffee at work because I had to come in early and am one miserable, over-caffeinated, unhappy Ellen now.

Lots and lots of half-finished orders stacking up at home, and four large, critical path orders went out this morning anyway.

Took a bye week for the LJ Idol thingy this week. No interest in the topic, and no time. Keep meaning to... ya know... reply to comments and get involved in the community, but that's really not why I joined, and I refuse to feel guilty* about not doing so.

In more cheerful news - I'm very happy with what's coming down the pipes for the future of EMG-Zine. :) You'll love some of the goodies we've got coming for 2008!

Also, I will be closing Dec 20 - Jan 20. I realized going through old webpage news that I did this last year and didn't even have the day job to blame for sucking away all my time and energy. I totally deserve this time off.

Onsies are still available!

Back to the O&M manual now...

*(Which, translated out of Elleneze, means I feel horrendously guilty and am trying not to.)
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