Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Looking at the bits and pieces of EMG

And, on the heels of failure talk and success and business and the novel idea of shutting down bits of EMG to regain my sanity...

Portrait Adoption:

Pros - Easy to run (when it's working correctly), high profit for the artists, I LIKE being one of the artists and wish I could do more work for it, nothing else out there like it, low overhead, good opportunity for artists.
Cons - low profit for me (unless I'm the artist), takes up some space (certificates), I'm behind on filing.
Comments - Definitely will keep this going. I've invested too much into it at this point to say goodbye, and it's the most streamlined and unique of my ventures. I'd like to have the time to be more of an artist for it, and less of just an administrator.


Pros - Awesome fun making products, customers love the products
Cons - Lots of work setting up artists and managing pay, lots of blank stock needed, moderate profit (way low for wholesale).
Comments - Tough to imagine EMG without it, and is the easiest aspect of EMG to take to physical shows. Still - not a hot work to reward ratio...

Fantastic Portfolios:

Pros - I don't really have to do anything anymore... critique like any other critic, but most of the labor here is out of my hands. And it's cool, no? The pretty art! The awesome concept! Minimal cost.
Cons - Depressing how little activity it's getting lately - direct correlation to time spent on it! Zero profit. (Still at net negative)
Comments - FP is still a fledgling, and that whole 'not a lot of work needed' aspect is worth a lot. I haven't lost hope that this will take off eventually. It's a solid idea, with solid execution. Build it and they will come, right?

Print Services:

Pros - Really helps other artists!
Cons - Low profit (way low, in some cases), lots of blank stock needed, lots of work setting up artists, way time consuming.
Comments - Sheerly looking at numbers, it's tough to say this is the one that goes, because it's also the bulk of my orders right now. It may be that this service just needs a serious overhaul, which it REALLY does. Probably, I will also need to start raising prices.


Pros - Helpful on several levels and feels good to contribute to the community in a structured fashion. Anthology may someday pull small profit.
Cons - can't pay contributors well, net negative profit, takes a lot of time and energy - high staff turnover.
Comments - I'm committed to another year at this point, and I think it's a really valuable service. But as sound business decisions go...


Pros - Some projects are fun.
Cons - no time for them! Pay is minimal compared to efforts. Would prefer to do PA pieces, I think...
Comments - Completely shut down until further notice.

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