Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Yeah baby...

Inbox is down to 170 - and a whole lot of those are orders to invoice and a bunch more are chatty/old/just-need-to-be-filed. Caught up on a bunch of printing services slog, wrote a bunch of horrible 'I'm sorry it took so long to reply,' emails (and a few 'HERE are the guidelines, Mr. Blind' emails), and got some new PA artists set up. I've still got a bunch of older emails to sort in that 170, but I think the worst (most urgent business/neglected customer) emails are done. That's a great weight off, actually. Have to work this afternoon and go to gaming, but the next two days, no day job! I can get caught up on orders and making schtuff for ArctiCon, and maybe watch StarGate over lunch for the first time in about a month. And possibly get through all the EMG submissions. SO CLOSE. Need to make time for the LJ idol post - this theme will be easy, largely because it's been on my brain a lot lately: failure. (And my showing in the last elimination gives me PLENTY of fodder for that...) No rest for the wicked!
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