Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

LJ Idol - Topic 0 - Introduction

If I were going for a sensational entrance, I'd announce now that 'Hi, I'm Ellen and I broke my back in a car accident.' You don't really get more sensational than that - I mean, I can play the pity card and the unique card all in one fell swoop. But that's so not who I am. Someone who starts out with that ought to back it up with a wheelchair or crutches, or at least more than a few whiny entries here and there about a relatively minor amount of pain that rarely keeps me from doing what I want to. I don't run anymore, and I sometimes have trouble with lifting big weights; that's about the extent of that.

So, no introduction using the broken back ploy. Rats.

If I were the scaly capitalist I pretend to be, I'd start out by explaining all the details of the awesome business I run, and how wonderful it is to be able to sell products for more than 150 fantasy artists. I might even mention how clever my Portrait Adoption site is, and detail how I started it and pepper in a bunch of links to Fantastic Portfolios and EMG-Zine.

But I'm not (quite) that much of a capitalist, so you'll have to visit my profile to find out of about them. Or just wait a few entries - I'm sure I can figure a way to bring them up again...

Probably the first thing you'll figure out on your own is that I shouldn't be taken too terribly seriously.

Unless the word 'project' is involved.

See... I have this thing about projects. (And I blame tarlia for my addiction - she was the Queen of Projects before I ever was...)

I need this LJ Idol project like I need a hole in my head. Maybe less. But it's like NaNoWriMo - I say I don't have time, but I try anyway. I don't sign up at the site, but I'm pounding on the keyboard like everyone else the first few days of November, muttering obsessively to myself and counting words like they are precious molecules of air and I'm hoarding them against suffocation.

So here I am, jaw starting to pound as my anesthetic wears off following some fillings, blogging inanely about 'who I am.' I haven't gotten to how many pets I have or how old I am, because who I am is vastly unrelated to those.

Who am I?

You decide.

I won't be insulted if the word 'insane' is one of the first that comes to mind. I am, at least, the gentle, productive, harmless sort of insane that gets stuff done and doesn't mind living a life outside the lines.

It is heykatie's fault that I am here.

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