Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I feel so guilty!

I have withdrawn quite a lot lately - from communities, from here... I'm not commenting on hardly any artwork, I'm not getting through submissions as quickly as I'd like, I'm SO behind on emails, I haven't replied to comments, I haven't answered the four tags I've gotten on DA... I'm so sorry, guys. I'm scrambling, and finding myself just plain antisocial and overwhelmed. Sorry for my general distance and lack of involvement. Kick me hard if I've missed anything time critical and I'll get right on it.

I get two fillings today, whoopee. Really not looking forward to that.

Then I have to get the ads rotation script added to EMG-Zine. (Get your ad banners in, if you haven't, and yes, there are still a few slots for November left! $5! Cheap advertising! Worthy cause! A link would be smart here, but just look back a few entries in my LJ because I'm Lay-Z!) Then, add my news column. Jake has promised me grilled prawns for dinner and made ME promise not to work after dinner. Oh! I also have to order t-shirts.

But, I haven't even *started* making stuff for the show this weekend, yi!

Tomorrow, I work in the morning, and at 3 I have to take my nephew to music lessons. After that, a few hours of show prep and orders. I will be on the e-air for the Time of the Faeries show at 8PM Pacific time, which had better be 7PM AK time, or I've done my math wrongly and will look stupid by coming in an hour off. (I will doublecheck before then...) I should find a link to post here, but maybe someone else will. Tune in! Listen to me babble! Cross your fingers that I'm not hit with an attack of the shy and sound senselessly stupid!

Friday morning, I'll be working, then orders and show prep, and a going-away party for one of Jake's co-workers that I promised three times to go to with him.

Show on Saturday, Saturday evening is Lost with the bellydancers (I have to bring appetizers...), Sunday I'm waitlisted for the show, but only 2nd, so I'm very likely to get in.

Sunday evening, I plan to watch some StarGate and drool on myself.

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