Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Bad Mustek!

Mustek should get an award for crappiest customer service EVAH.

Last week, I replaced my laser printer. It took about 2 hours on the phone, and they sent my new printer so that I could return the old in the same box. It was an 800 number, and I got the new printer four days later. (On it's side on the front porch, but hey...)

Mustek has no 800 number so the call was on my own dime.

They require me to fax them a copy of the original invoice. (Also not a 800 #)

They will send me information about shipping my original scanner back in a 'few days' by email.

I was clearly speaking with someone whose first language was NOT English, and he was very unapologetic and could not tell me how long it might be until I had a working scanner again.


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