Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*rubs head*

The card printer arrived - left outside at freezing temperatures on its SIDE. But it appears to have survived it's questionable handling, and spits out cards quite nicely.

Two reasons I prefer to work afternoons over mornings:

a) I drink coffee in the mornings (but not when I go in in the afternoon), and there's a bottomless pot at work, so I drink a lot of coffee and then I'm really bouncy and it's hard to concentrate and my brain is all over the place and even though that's a lot of fun it's kind of hard to work when all I'm thinking is coffeecoffeecoffeewhee!

b) Somehow, working mornings turns into working until 2:30 and I'm not home until 3 and then I'm staring at just two hours to cram everything in and it's a good thing I had all that coffee and boy am I going to be sad when it wears off. Afternoons are easier, because the boss wants to go home at 5, too.

Almost finished with the remainder of this wholesale order that got interrupted by the printer failure. Then I have some more orders to fill. 7 new designs are up at EMG, and I also want to get some new artists set up for PA. We've had a bit of dearth on new general adoption pieces lately - I think everyone is frantically working on other projects.

I have a new piece of fan artwork up here: http://www.rivertwine.com/artpageview.php?id=462

EMG-Zine reminder: our December theme is snow! It's an easy theme, I know that most of you can find some work somewhere on your harddrive to submit for this one. :) http://www.emg-zine.com/submitart.php

Have 243 messages in my inbox, argh.

I think my coffee is wearing off...

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