Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My card printer failed last week. Started making light streaks in one area, and blobs in another, and today the screen failed. Argh! Called support, and after a meager 2 hours on the phone, we fixed the screen and the light streaks. Blobs still happening. They're sending a replacement printer. Yay!

Dropped some money on some banner advertising this month - we'll see how that goes!

Email is still being viciously buggy - it keeps logging me out. Rargh! Hard to get work done when that's happening!

Purchased a tiny little handheld credit card imprint machine to try out at the shows I have weekend after next.

Wednesday I get my eyes examined - need new lenses badly. I got some anti-glare/anti-scratch coating that has started to de-laminate, so it's like this patchy, oily film constantly over my vision. Hate it. They're the plastic lenses, so they can't just take it off, either. I've been living with it entirely too long and fed up. Past due for an eye appointment anyway.

Bad Ellen wrestled the very big, heavy, awkward printer by herself, nearly dropped it, and now I've probably wrenched my back. Bad Ellen.

I think I'll go take a hot shower. GLEE.

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