Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sore fingers

My fingers hurt. But, all of my smoke detectors are all wired in, along with their shiny new fuse in the fusebox.

In addition, the shower works! Perfectly! You turn this knob on the wall, and are cascaded with wonderful hot, running water. It's an amazing thing.

I'm pretty close to having the washer drain finished, too.

My arms are killing me from working so long above my head, I'm such a wimp!

Email's still being buggy. If something urgent comes up and you need to hear back asap, PM me or drop me a line here. But I may not be online much - I have a book to read and a shower or three to take.

I have amazing, awesome story ideas I want to work on, but my fingers hurt too much to type anymore.

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