Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Nearly the end of the week..

Just another half hour or so, one stop at the store, a load of water, and then I get a weekend.

The critical orders are all out. In fact, ALL the orders may be out, I'll have to check. (I think another one snuck in while I was filling them...) Totally had an all-out fight with one of the orders, ended up upgrading the client to Express mail to make up for the delay at my end. Everything else went pretty smoothly. Stacks and stacks of boxes went out.

Did my dayjob time, wrote an O&M manual, did a set of as-builts, and other fun things, desperately need to restock my snack drawer, and really dig my new work computer setup.

Home computer is chugging along. Still trying to decide what to do to replace the ailing laptop - M$ really jumped the shark when they went to Vista, the fools.

Email's misbehaving.

Hot water rocks.

Shower is *this* close to being connected.

Snowing buckets, roads are very bad.

Plan to weekend on my weekend. Behind on lots of stuff, including emails and advertising things, but also very tired and flirting with burnout, and I'd like to stay sane*, thanks.

*Actual sanity may vary...

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