Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm glad LAST Sunday was nice...

This Sunday? Not so much.

Finished wiring in the hot water heater and connecting the plumbing. Yay! Turned it on and blew the house circuit. Twice. Boo!

So... not quite the electrician I thought I was. Have some solution ideas, we'll see if they work, but v. grumpy about it.

In even less desirable news, my laptop is dead. Not dead, perhaps, but totally inaccessible, as the graphics card has failed and I cannot make any use of it. Nor does it look like an easy fix. This is my main business laptop - runs one my printers, and is my only access to the Internet. (I'm on Jake's computer, cursing IE and wishing for a decent keyboard...)

So, that's my Sunday so far. I may be offline rather more than expected and this does nothing for my need to catch up on things.

Also, my email appears to be down. And it's taken 4 tries to post this entry.



Updated as posted on Monday: well, it looks like my email wasn't 'down,' my electrical experimentation just fried our modem. GREAT.

On the plus side, though we were a few fitting shy of a shower, we DID get the hot water heater working, and now, when you turn on the hot water at the sink - there is hot water! It is miraculous, and washing dishes now takes about 1/3 of the time.

I think I will need to go replace my laptop today. :/

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