Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My brain (still) hurts!

Yesterday, I got my new computer at work, and I am TOTALLY in love with my new monitor. A great big, widescreen 24" flat panel. DROOL!! It's bigger than my TV, and I've already threatened to rent out the office for movie watching on weekends. The new computer rocks - huuuuge harddrive, masses of RAM, so-so graphics card (the one I requested was $1700 and they didn't like me THAT much). I got the required programs installed (Firefox, Crimson Editor, AutoCAD 2008, AVG virus scanner, etc.) and today I got to set up a plotter!

They got an HP DesignJet - only 6-color, but still a good 'un. Massive! Well, okay, only the 24" model, not the largest of them, but still plenty big and 132 lbs! Yi.

It's running through it's 'I'm Alive!' cycles now and I'm about to install drivers for it.

Yesterday, I also managed to get another feature added to the EMG site that I've been wanting to for a while - a public comment field! Artists don't get to add anything, but if there's something odd or unique about the products available for a particular 'design' (like the fuzzy ears, for example, or a design where I want to make sure they know it looks different on a shirt or something...) I can put that right in there. :) :)

Got a pile of orders finished this morning, including an express order, and am somehow not as dreadfully behind as I'd feared. Somewhat, but not *dreadfully.* I *dreadfully* need to empty out my car, as there is dirty laundry, HUGE boxes of anthology books, tires and calendars taking up all my room. Poor Norway misses his rides in the car. :(

work! Home! Dinner! sleep!
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